Vehicle Mechanic Troubleshooting

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About this course

Course duration 6 hours

This course is designed to give mechanics increased subject knowledge and confidence on topics that are relevant to performing vehicle maintenance.

It is not designed to replace formal school, vocational training or previously gained experience.  It should add to your existing knowledge in order to help secure a job or increase your general understanding of this area.

The course consists of viewing short videos followed by a short quiz on the following subjects:

  1. Symptoms of a blown head gasket                                        
  2. How to tell if you have a blown head gasket                                    
  3. Diagnose and fix rough car idling                              
  4. 5 signs your mass air flow sensor is bad or failing                            
  5. Turbocharger do’s and don’ts
  6. How to test an alternator                                                      
  7. How to test a car battery with a multi meter                                   
  8. How to diagnose and replace a starter                                             
  9. 4 signs of a bad automatic transmission                               
  10. Symptoms of a bad transmission shift solenoid                    
  11. 4 symptoms of low transmission fluid                                   
  12. Can changing your transmission fluid cause damage?                     
  13. Testing fuel injectors fast                                                                  
  14. How to check fuel injector resistance with a multi meter                                        
  15. Common problems with common rail injector         
  16. 3 signs of a bad master cylinder        
  17. Symptoms of a bad brake booster
  18. Signs of a bad ABS pump and module                       
  19. Car air conditioning troubleshooting             
  20. How to recharge/refill refrigerant and check for leaks                                             

Upon completion, a certificate and summary of the topics covered will be issued in your name.

You can log in and re-take the course at any time in case a refresher is needed for any reason.