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About this course

Course duration approximately 2.5 hours

This course teaches candidates the core subjects relating to productivity.

It is not designed to replace a formal education or previously gained experience.  It should add to your existing knowledge in order to help secure a job or increase your general understanding of this subject. Completion of the videos and quizzes and the issuance of a certificate will demonstrate to your current or potential employer that you have increased your knowledge in subject of productivity.

The course consists of viewing short videos followed by a short quiz on the following subjects:

  1. What is productivity                                                  
  2. 15 ways to improve productivity                               
  3. Email management tips
  4. 3 techniques to beat procrastination            
  5. A guide to SMART goal setting                      
  6. Daily habits of successful people                   
  7. The importance of time management          
  8. RACI explained                                              
  9. What is the iron triangle
  10. The best way to manage files and folders
  11. The 2 minute rule                                                      

Upon completion, a certificate and summary of the topics covered will be issued in your name.

You can log in and re-take the course at any time in case a refresher is needed for any reason such as an upcoming job interview or promotion. 

Course instructions

You should view each video twice before attempting the quiz. You can only move on to the next video upon successful completion of the accompanying quiz. The pass mark is 100% – don’t worry, questions are designed to ensure you understood the video content, we are not trying to catch you out! In case you do not pass the quiz the first time, you can re-watch the video and take the quiz again. Once its passed, you can move on to the next module.

While watching each video, pay close attention and concentrate on the content. Do not let any distractions reduce your concentration level. Quiz questions will be relatively easy to answer if you have paid complete attention but difficult if you have not.

You can complete this course in sections by logging out when you need a break. You can continue where you left off by logging in again. There is no time limit for completion.

Once completed you can download a copy of your certificate immediately at the end of the course.

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