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About this course

Course duration 2.5 hours

This course is designed to give existing and prospective Barista’s training in the subjects relevant to working in a restaurant or coffee shop and brewing coffee using an Espresso machine.  

It is not designed to replace a formal education or previously gained experience.  It should add to your existing knowledge in order to help secure a job or increase your general understanding of this area. Completion of the videos and quizzes and the issuance of a certificate will demonstrate to your current or potential employer that you have increased your knowledge in subjects listed below.   

The course consists of viewing short videos followed by a short quiz on the following subjects:

  1. The basics of Coffee             
  2. How to make French Press Coffee  
  3. Making Coffee With a Moka Pot        
  4. Coffee Grind Size for Popular Brew Methods            
  5. Grind Size                       
  6. What is Espresso?                
  7. Espresso theory                  
  8. Parts of an Espresso Machine      
  9. All Espresso Drinks Explained          
  10. All Iced Coffee Drinks Explained            
  11. Most Common Mistakes in Espresso Preparation
  12. Milk Frothing – Steaming Like a Pro         
  13. How to Clean an Espresso Machine  
  14. How to Make a Latte Art Heart                 

Upon completion, a certificate and summary of the topics covered will be issued in your name.

You can log in and re-take the course at any time in case a refresher is needed for any reason such as an upcoming job interview or promotion.